Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Roles and Function Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Roles and Function Paper - Essay Example Planning for emergencies is also a management function. Organizing the health care services and staff is another important management function in health care setting. Leading the staff is another function of management where meeting need to be held with staff to give them instruction and direction. Controlling is the final function where the team of staff needs to be built and maintained. Controlling risky and emergency situation is also a function of management. Such functions are highly useful in managing me in my previous job. I have planned my working schedule well once I was working. I have planned how to meet the patient’s need and the goals of my employer. I was well prepared for uncertain situations. I was well organized in my work and I used to follow my work schedule and requirement properly. Also my co – ordination with staff and patients was good because I thought it made my profession efficient. Controlling my behavior, emotions and attitude was more of benefit for me while working. The health care function manager needs to perform many functions. The most important function of a health care manager is maintaining the smooth operation of the health care system of the organization. Like any other business, health care sector need good management to run it smoothly. Planning, directing, coordinating, supervising are all needed for an effective running of a health care service centre. In a diversifying health care sector, there may be employees from different backgrounds and co – iodinating and leading them is not easy. According to( Lavey,2007,pg.363-74) â€Å"The natural population growth, aging of the population and consumer revolution have all increased the demand for health services in public hospitals†. Specialized skills and knowledge is essential in diversified health care sector. These are some information analyzed from the class. This class is of

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