Sunday, March 15, 2020

As Basic as Computers Get essays

As Basic as Computers Get essays In todays world designing your own computer today can be more beneficial then purchasing a name brand computer package on the market. In the computing world technology is constantly changing, and out the right system for Individual can be a tough decision. I have chosen components that will make buying or building computer an easier process to understand. A small explanation of what various computer components will help you By building a computer an individual can personalize thier system to custom fit their own lifestyle. Computers designed for a business differ greatly from a personal gaming multimedia system. (The system I will be focusing on is a monster multimedia machine.) An individual can use this as a basis for creating a custom rig. One will need to choose what type of computer casing you would like to use. ATX cases are the basic cases on the market today. AT cases are restricting the expansion, and usually are sold as surplus. ATX cases allow more efficient cooling and expansion capabilities. Cases hold everything that operates your computer from the inside out. The frame of a car is worthless, as is the case of a computer without its components. Towers are a type of case that come in several sizes, again to fit your needs. The next step is choosing which motherboard can be a difficult task. Magatrends, Asus, and Intel are big name manufacturers of motherboards. One can purchase a motherboard that has all components already constructed. Integrated boards that run sound and video cards from the main board can cause problems when expanding. Many are available, Asus produces a well balenced duel processing board that was just recently released. The motherboard hold all components that help your system operate effectively (i.e. Video card, processor, memory, bios, sound). The Central Processing Unit calculates the amount of information sent ...

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